Let's do Thing You've Always Desired to Achieve: HEAL.

Sick of drowning yourself in bone broth, gut-healing nutrients, restrictive diets and still hitting walls with your health?  Spent hundreds if not thousands on supplements, listened to hours of podcasts and read all the books, maybe even worked with a few holistic practitioners, and still not healing? Nira is here for you. 


Functional Health Program

Our signature 3-month Functional Health Program is created to support you in overcoming your physical and emotional health challenges and release the underlying root cause of your issues – once and for all. Nira creates your very own personalized protocol and lifestyle recommendations as you tackle your health challenges and will empower and guide you in this program.

Drainage + Detoxification

Learn about your detoxification pathways and how to properly support them in this 3-month program. Nira will cover topics like toxins + their impact on the human body, common sources of toxicity, the ‘Drainage Funnel’, detox protocols, and much more!


Intuitive Health Assessment

Are you dealing with physical illness or health symptoms? Would you like to know how much of the root causes of your health challenges are due to physiological reasons, and how much is due to psycho-emotional or spiritual-energetic causes? Then you can work with Nira in a 1-1 setting online from anywhere and receive a comprehensive medical intuitive health assessment.

Bioenergetics + RIFE Healing Frequency

Nira provides services in the emerging field of bioenergetics and vibrational healing. Our body’s energy field impacts our physical, and psycho-emotional health. Addressing the distortions and blockages of the body’s energy field results in the restoration of imbalances and promotes healing.