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Good Life Healing House is a soul-based, purpose-driven integrative health and wellness sanctuary that offers holistic health and lifestyle coaching, detoxification programs, Bioenergetic health screening, and Healthy Home Assessments.
Our mission is to maintain optimal health and well-being.
Our vision is to create change for people, communities, future generations, and the planet.
Our commitment is to help you reach optimal health and vitality by identifying the imbalances that are at the root cause of your health issues. We provide a healing space and individualized support, informed by a blend of cutting-edge and evidence-based strategies to help you improve your overall health and well-being.





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Nira is a MindBody health expert, Medical Intuitive, Naturopath (in training), certified Integrative Nutrition Health coach, Emotional Detox and heavy metal detox practitioner, and NES Health bioenergetics practitioner. She takes a multifactorial, mind-, body-, and soul-based approach to healing and has a genuine desire to share empowering tools and strategies to help clients in their physical, mental, emotional, energetic, and spiritual journey. She works with the body as a whole and views it as a flow system rather than patching it with temporarily solutions. 

Our Philosophy

We believe in holistic healing for magnified health, supercharged energy, a vibrant life, and longevity.

Our Approach

We use a full-spectrum, Mind-Body-Soul approach which is bio-individualized and addresses the whole person.

Our Services

We offer a spectrum of (W)holistic techniques & lifestyle interventions to address physical, psycho-emotional, energetic, and environmental imbalances.

Our Mission

We are committed to empowering you on your OWN path to a Good Life and to do good in the world.



functional Health Coaching 

Our innovative framework takes into consideration the physical, emotional, psycho-energetic, and environmental components that influence an individual's quest to live an optimal life: Nutrition & Hydration, Movement, Sleep & Circadian Rhythm Management, Environment, Social life, Emotions, and Toxicity are the 7 major foundations that we discuss in our coaching sessions.

Drainage + Detoxification

Toxins enter our bodies every day through the food we eat, the water we drink, the air we breathe, and the substances we touch or apply to our bodies. They are everywhere, wreaking havoc on our health. The good news is that healing the body from the toxic load is not only possible, but it’s also natural. We can show you how with our step-by-step detox program.

BIoenergetic Health Screening

Bioenergetic Medicine is medicine of the future. Bioenergetic assessment is a cutting edge, non-invasive, highly comprehensive tool that utilizes a computer-based system of testing to measure “pathways” of energy called meridians which flow through the body. The NES Health BioEnegetiX WellNES system identifies and corrects distortions and blockages in the Human Body-Field, so that the Body-Field and subsequently the body itself can more easily and naturally return to optimum function.

medical intuitive Health assessment

In a health reading, Nira will assess the health of various organs and organ systems, the hormone balance, toxicity levels, neurotransmitter balance, vitamin and mineral levels, and mitochondrial health, all at the morphic field level. She assesses the physical interventions and psycho-emotional solutions for healing.


In a health reading, Christine will assess the health of a wide range of organs, and systems, hormone balance, toxicity levels, neurotransmitter balance, vitamin and mineral levels, and mitochondrial health. She can assess if you would benefit from pursuing physical interventions for healing, or whether it is mainly worth pursuing psycho-emotional and spiritual-energetic solutions.



I feel so fortunate to have had Nira's help and guidance during my ascension journey.  The information I have been given is invaluable, game-changing, and mind-stretching.  Over the past 18 months, I have had five sessions with her during which I have not only seen my continuing positive progress but I also have been empowered to handle two new health challenges.  Nira's understanding of developmental trauma has been extremely helpful as well.  Her energy assessments have been individualized to my situation- it's wonderful to feel so unique in this age of conformity-inducing algorithms- and yet, her knowledge of ascension has helped this individual connect better with the greater energy field surrounding him.  My overall experience with Nira has been very powerful (I spent 36 years in allopathic medicine as an internist and psychiatrist laboring under the mind vs. body illusion).

David M.

Internist & Psychiatrist, USA

Nira is a compassionate, thorough, effective, and highly trained practitioner with a unique ability to assess and understand both psycho-emotional and physical root causes of health imbalances. As a professional psychic, I would say her medical intuitive skills are outstanding. Trained in both functional health and energy medicine, Nira can provide a comprehensive supportive roadmap for optimum health and well-being for anyone looking for real deep healing, not just quick fixes. Highly recommended!

Niki Skye

Spiritual Teacher & Personal Development Guide, USA

Nira is more than just a knowledgeable and very educated holistic practitioner. She brings her whole self to every session, she is there for you as a professional as well as a compassionate person. Her sessions are well structured and she goes into detail for you to understand the root causes as well as suggested recommended steps. Her approach shows a lot of care and encouragement, she knows what she is talking about, often coming from her own experience. She applies knowledge from different fields and angles to make sure your improvement is not only short term and you can truly and fully heal.

Since my journey with Nira, I have experienced improvements on different levels, not only physical, but also mental, social, and spiritual. To mention just a few, based on Nira's advice, my hair is getting back to its original volume, my skin is clear and glowing, improved digestion and hormonal balance, my energy levels are higher and I experience a higher-quality of sleep. I am more calm and more naturally aware of what is good for me.

Sonia H.

Manager, Slovakia

I have been working with Nira to manage a range of health issues (including fatigue, hypoglycemia, weight problems, etc.) for over two years. Nira is incredibly professional, and always provides practical steps to assist me with managing my health - she is also very patient and willing to offer detailed explanations regarding the recommendations she is sharing so that I not only understand what to do but I why I need to do it. Nira has helped me to develop a greater understanding of how to balance my health physically, psycho-emotionally, and energetically. More than that, she is incredibly passionate about her work and makes every effort to help her clients feel supported and reassured during their consultations (there have been several times when I have been particularly distraught about my health and Nira always manages to hold space for me in a way that makes me feel heard and understood). Nira genuinely cares about her clients and frequently goes above and beyond to ensure that we are each receiving the best possible care to accelerate our healing. I’m extremely grateful to Nira for all of her support and compassion. Thank you, Nira!



I’ve worked with Nira for the last 2 years in connection with my physical and psycho-emotional health and well-being. I have found Nira to be kind, compassionate, patient, intelligent, and professional. I worked with Nira via Zoom in what I found to be a very safe space, and she was always able to target various imbalances and provide potential courses of action to employ. In working with Nira I learned to become more in tune with my body and my intuition, which has helped me determine each next course of action toward healing. I would say my psycho-emotional healing has been exceptional and my journey of physical healing continues, but from a space of patience, calm, non-judgment, and gratitude. Nira’s help has been invaluable and I highly recommend working with her.


VP of Tax , USA

My biggest improvement from working with Nira was being able to sleep again without sleeping tablets. This is a miracle for me as I have not been able to sleep without pharmaceutical sleeping tablets for more than a decade and thought I would never be able to sleep naturally again! I would recommend Nira as I always felt supported by her. She is kind, and knowledgeable, and goes out of her way to give you her best. I liked that I did not feel judged by Nira, instead, her advice and guidance were warm and supportive. I always looked forward to seeing her at our next appointment.



I experienced two physical miracles on my ascension path since working with Nira. My chronic respiratory ailments and my broken heart from birth are healed! I appreciated Nira’s expert guidance in health and intuitive coaching in all my health and Merkabah ascension growth goals! Nira was instrumental in coaching me in my ascension growth as I strived to master my physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual self. I grew more comfortable and more confident as I progressed with my expanding ascension consciousness reaching out on different occasions for more answers from Nira. She became my go-to person on this journey for me.  I felt safe and happy being able to have someone to answer my questions and the encouragement to succeed in my positive ascension journey.

Lorraine P.

Retired - 35 years natural health practitioner , North Carolina, USA

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